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7/31/2014 7:22:39 AM
Cars for Sale

Welcome to the Cars for Sale Digital Showroom! Below you will find a list of cars available for sale by visitors. Click on a car for more details and how to go about buying it.

For Sale by Visitors

How to Get Your Car Listed

Carcruises will list your vehicle for up to 12 months* for only $48

Please make a check payable to Vito Capaccio, 8 Pius Street, Pittsburgh, PA. 15203
*(Sorry no refunds or extensions due to acts of God, server failure etc) If you sell the vehicle in less than 12 months we will substitute another for just $12 Please ask us about Custom Auto & Truck Dealer discounts.

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Ultimate Car Cruise - Gibsonia
Sons & Daughters of Italy Car Cruise
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Geico - Tim Hester
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